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Get to the Windows Store on your Windows 10 PC
The Windows Store has modern, safe things for you.
No spyware! No viruses! Programs in the store have to ask you.

People that have been using Windows PC's for a while are used to downloading programs from all over the internet. There's problems. Programs from any web site like that can do whatever they want to your computer. Some programs are honest, but others are not. They might put spyware on your computer, or put ads everywhere or even hijack your computer. To combat this, Microsoft introduced the Windows Store.

The Windows Store contains only applications that pass Microsoft's certification process. To get into the Windows Store, programs have to work, and have to use only a certain set of functions in Windows that keep people safe.

Microsoft strictly checks every application submitted to the Windows store. For example, when we submitted Land Sentry, Microsoft came back after our first submission with a laundry list of things we had to do shape up. We had to make our program faster, run on a greater range of computers, and we had to spell out our privacy policy so that you know what your rights are.

Windows Store applications and only Windows Store applications get to use the latest in Microsoft technologies. Windows 10 has a state of the art graphics system, excellent support for touch screens, tablet PCs, and great support for multiple monitors, integrated mapping, a screaming fast file system, superior cloud access, and more tools to keep programs from freezing or feeling clunky.

The Windows Store is a great win for everybody. Microsoft gets a small piece of every sale, programmers get a whole store and a way to make money on their works, and finally, you, our customers get the piece of mind of knowing that a program you get isn't going to destroy your computer with spyware.

Don't download your application from some random place on the internet. Download it from the Windows store.

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