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Land Sentry

Land Sentry lets you compare properties based on their safety.

Land Sentry is great for property owners, landlords, real estate agents, insurance agents, site supervisors, helping you and your stakeholders understand risk. Home owners with family and friends get tremendous value from this application as well. Land Sentry helps anyone that wants to understand and monitor anything that can impact a building.

Input your addresses. Land Sentry scans them and tells you about all the dangers near your property.

Current Dangers

  1. Current US Weather Alerts Nationwide, and if they impact you.
  2. The complete weather and earthquake history all around you.
  3. FEMA flood maps.
  4. Crime reports.
  5. Details about your state, your county, and your city.

Future releases of Land Sentry will include the ability to pull in dangers from other sources.

Easy to Use

Land Sentry features an easy-to-use spreadsheet-like grid.

Enter your addresses, or cut and paste them in.

Make a mistake? Press CTRL-U - we have undo and redo.

Automatically saves, so you never lose anything.